If you like one of our previous van conversions and nothing is currently for sale, reach out to us  to see if we can get started right away on recreating that build. We can even update it to fit your personal wants and needs. Contact us so we can answer all of your questions and get you on the road with your new home on wheels as soon as possible.  

The Hudson - $31,000 (Conversion Only) 

This is a Promaster 2500 159" wb. With the extra room on this model, the options for other amenities and features are now possible. Click here for details.  

The Ryder - $27,000 (Conversion Only) 

This conversion is a Promaster 136 WB 1500.  Click here for details.

Carter - $34,000 (Conversion Only) 

This conversion is a Promaster 159 WB 1500.  Click here for details.

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