DIY Off-Grid Solar Electrical System

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Below is a guide along with a schematic of how to build your own camper van off-grid solar electrical system. We've also included some handy tools to help get the job done. This set up is for the person who is taking on their own van build and is a looking for a very reliable system to get started with. All products, tools, and materials are linked below and you can reference the illustration to visualize how it's all connected together. While this guide is free, we do ask that you use the links provided to purchase everything since we are an affiliate partner and get a small kickback as compensation.

Disclaimer: We are not professional electricians so please consult with one if you feel unsafe or uncertain. This guide will not go over any technical terminology nor will it go into the concepts of electricity and solar energy. There are MANY incredible resources out there already if you're interested in learning more before taking on a DIY install. We also strongly encourage you to read all user manuals that come with the equipment. If you have questions about what is presented here, please don't hesitate to reach out through our contact us form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Overview: This off-grid electrical system is 200 watts of solar power that is connected to a 30 amp charger controller that regulates the electricity to a 100 amp hour lithium battery. A 2000 watt inverter allows you to run a wide range of 120v/AC appliances. It also has a 20 amp DC-DC battery charger that runs off your vehicles alternator so you can charge your lithium house battery while you're driving. This system a great starting point because it will supply enough electrical energy to run a lot of different low power draw items but it also can be expanded quite easily down the road.

Interactive Wiring Diagram. Click on the red circles to display the component.

All products, materials, and tools needed for this wiring diagram are linked below.

Product Image Description

Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit w/ 40A Rover MPPT Charge Controller + MC4 Connectors +Tray Cable+ Mounting Z Brackets for RV, Boat

ABS Solar Double Cable Entry Gland

Solar DC Isolator Switch 1000V/32A PV DC

Battery Disconnect Switch for RVs, Residential,

Commercial Solar Installations, Inverter Box,

On/Off-Grid Solar Power Grid Systems

Renogy Bluetooth Module RJ12 Communication

Port Compatible Rover/Wanderer/Adventurer

Charge Controllers

(Red & Black) 3/8" 4 Stud Power Distribution

Block -BUSBAR- With Cover

Renogy 2000W Power Inverter 12VDC to 120VAC Pure Sine Wave with Special LED Indicators

Blue Sea Systems 300 Amp m-Series Battery Switches

Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery -100Ah 12v with Built-in BMS - Perfect for Off Grid Applications

Renogy 500A Battery Monitor, High and Low Voltage Programmable Alarm

WFCO WF-8930/WF-8950 Ultra Distribution Panel, 30/50 AMP

Renogy Board 20A DC to DC Battery Charger Using Multi-stage Charging

12V Car Add-A-Circuit Fuse TAP Adapter Fuse Holder

Fuses, breakers, lugs, and wire

250 amp ANL fuse

40 amp ANL fuse

100 amp ANL fuse

8 Gauge 8 AWG 20 Feet Red + 20 Feet Black Welding Battery Pure Copper Flexible Cable + 10pcs of 3/8" Tinned Copper Cable Lug Terminal Connectors + 3 Feet Black Heat Shrink


WindyNation 2/0 Gauge AWG (5 Feet Black + 5 Feet Red) Power Inverter Battery Cable Wire Kit for DC to AC Inverters RV, Car, Solar, Marine, Off-Grid

WindyNation 6 Gauge AWG (15 Feet Black + 15 Feet Red) Power Inverter Battery Cable Wire Kit for DC to AC Inverters RV, Car, Solar, Marine, Off-Grid

Ancor Marine Grade Duplex Wire for 12v circuits

8/3 AWG Triplex AC Marine Wire

10/3 AWG Triplex AC Marine Wire

Assorted 12v panel fuses

Tools and Products (will be added soon)

Renogy Dc to DC charger battery connection. 40 amp fuse is connected directly to positive terminal. This is on a RAM Promaster.