Our Process

Our Process

Step 1

Fill out the camper van build form

Fill out our camper van build form based off our templated floor plans. Our base package is $28,000 for the conversion only. If you are looking for a highly custom build, contact us here. We currently have openings for summer 2021 and after. Our van builds are based on previous conversions which can be located in our Projects page. We stick to these floor plans but we are willing to accommodate slight changes.  Once you fill out and submit the build form we'll email you back with a price quote and next steps.  

Step 2

We'll schedule a call with you 

Based on the information provided in your form submission, we'll get back to you asap with answers any follow up questions we may have for you. From there, we'll coordinate a convenient time to get on call to get to know you better and discuss van build out details further. This is an exciting step since we start to map out your very own camper van! From your electrical set up, to your storage needs we'll cover it all. 

Step 3

Sign paperwork and secure your production slot

If we verbally agree to move forward with your camper van build out, we'll then require that you sign a services agreement and send us a $4,000 deposit to secure your build spot and then an additional $4,000 before the start date. The full $8,000 must be received by us from you before we move forward with the build. The earlier we receive it the better since it will secure your production slot and start ordering all materials. The remaining payment must be received anytime before pickup.

We require you purchase the van and have it delivered to our location in Nashville, TN. There are several benefits to this approach. 

a. You will be able to finance this portion of the total cost through a dealership since we currently do not offer that.

b. You can shop for the best deal on a van. New or used. 

c. You can start the build with your personal preference in color, size and van features such as heated seats.

Step 4

Time to get to work!

We will begin the conversion and send pictures along the way. You can expect to have your van 3 months from the day we start the build. You can pick the van up at our location in Nashville, TN.

We'll go over all aspects and features of your camper van so you head out on your first adventure feeling confident about your brand new home on wheels. WELCOME TO VAN LIFE!